How to use

1. Warm your skin soaking yourself in a hot bath or shower for 5 minutes
2. Remove your body from the water and apply the Moroccan Black Soap, leaving it to act for a few minutes
3. Rinse off the soap well with warm water
4. Wet and squeeze the Kessa Glove
5. Put on the Kessa Glove and massage vigorously with circular movements from the bottom up until you see the residues of exfoliated skin
6. Rinse your body and glove, using your usual cleanser 

For best results

  • Exfoliate up to twice a week
  • Get your skin used to exfoliation for a better and lasting result
  • Expose your skin to hot water for more than 5 minutes before the scrub for a deeper peeling


  • Avoid using the Kessa Glove if you feel you have damaged skin
  • Gently treat sensitive areas such as the face
  • Any momentary redness in the exfoliated area is normal and is due to an immediate increase in blood circulation
  • Exfoliation is not guaranteed on excessively wet or hairy skin.
  • The visibility of the exfoliation is subjective; however residues of epidermis and toxins are in any case intercepted by the texture of the Kessa glove and deep exfoliation is guaranteed.