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Welcome to HAMÀMI
HAMÀMI is a Skincare brand born from the desire of Rabab and Sana, two Italian sisters of Moroccan origins, to share with the world the most ancient and natural Berber beauty secrets for an always toned and silky skin through the typical Hammam ritual.
HAMÀMI challenges the restless routine we are used to and highlights the need for an alternative and holistic approach by reconciling external beauty and inner well-being and does so through a particular set of products specifically created for a visible exfoliation of dead epithelial cells; just like in the Hammam, but in complete relax in the shower or tub of your own home.
A childhood dream
During their childhood, Rabab and Sana spent every summer at their grandmother's house in the countryside of Marrakech.
The atmosphere was dreamy, the color of the sky was intense and the rough wooden doors of the house, half open due to the heat, allowed the scent of the Lemon garden to permeate the interior of the house and mix with the flavor of the afternoon mint tea; creating a dreamy, warm and authentic environment. These perfumes, sensations and memories inspired the two sisters in the creation of HAMÀMI products.
The product origin
The Hammam is the place - like the Turkish bath - where the wellness ritual typical of oriental cultures takes place; its main feature lies in the path of purification of body and mind through the visible exfoliation of dead skin cells using hot water, exfoliating glove and natural Moroccan black soap.
The two sisters grew up with the Hammam culture and used all related products on their skin from an early age.
HAMÀMI reinvents this ancient beauty ritual, making it accessible at home: the Kessa glove has been revisited in its texture, made softer and suitable for all skin types, even the most delicate ones; the Moroccan Black Soap is 100% natural and flavored with a delicate essence of lime, mint, and white musk to recreate the dreamy atmosphere of the Moroccan countryside.